Xcore Open Source Repository Index


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The XCore Open Source Project on GitHub is officially sponsored by XMOS as a true open-source project. A number of the community members are paid members of XMOS staff, while many others are simply excellent volunteers who are interested in building quality stuff.

Software Component Repositories

Repository Description  
sc_adaptive_filters A toolbox for adaptive filters.  
sc_adat Modules to receive and transmit ADAT streams docs
sc_advanced_port_usage Modules for advanced/non-standard port usage docs
sc_android_aap Android AAP firmware libraries docs
sc_audio_mixer Audio mixer component  
sc_can CAN Phy/link layer component docs
sc_capacitive_sensing This is a software component to do capacitive sensing on an XCore  
sc_crypto Cryptographic algorithms for the Xcore docs
sc_dsp_filters This repo contains code to perform standard DSP functions, such as Biquads and FIRs docs
sc_dsp_transforms DSP domain transformation components: FFT and DCT docs
sc_ethercat A feasibility study on building an EtherCAT slave controller docs
sc_ethernet 10/100 Mii ethernet mac and filters docs
sc_flash SPI Flash library  
sc_fram_if A lightweight SPI F-RAM interface.  
sc_i2c Generic i2c component library including support for multi master arbitration and clock stretching docs
sc_i2s I2S Digital Audio Components docs
sc_jtag JTAG communication protocols  
sc_lib_example This repo is an example of how to build modules that can make an exportable binary library.  
sc_lib_fixed_point A fixed point library with functions that manipulate 8.24 fixed point numbers. Other bases to be added. docs
sc_lib_xscope Device side xscope library  
sc_matrix A module and example apps for matrix manipulation in C/XC using parallel threads  
sc_modbus_tcp ModBus over TCP component docs
sc_multi_uart Component for combining multiple serial interfaces in a thread docs
sc_parser XCore parser component  
sc_ps2 PS/2 peripheral interface component  
sc_pwm PWM components  
sc_sdcard SD-card component  
sc_sdram SDRAM component  
sc_sdram_burst SDRAM burst driver component docs
sc_spdif xmos S/PDIF TX and RX component docs
sc_spi xmos SPI Master/Slave Software Component docs
sc_sram Software SRAM controller  
sc_uart XCORE UART Components docs
sc_usb USB device library  
sc_xkcam Kodak image sensor component with sensor driver, sensor control and basic image processing  
sc_xlog Logging component  
sc_xtcp micro TCP/IP stack for use with sc_ethernet docs
sc_xud XUD USB driver library component  

Applications and Reference Design Repositories

Repository Description  
proj_shift_registers Shift register board  
proj_xmp64 Project repository for the XMP 64 multiprocessor board  
proj_xtag2 XTAG2 hardware and software  
sw_avb AVB Software stack docs
sw_basic_motor_examples Basic motor control (DC, stepper) examples.  
sw_flash_multiboot_example Example code that selects different images on flash boot  
sw_flashlib_examples Example code using the flashlib library  
sw_io_benchmarks I/O Benchmarking code  
sw_led_tile_controller LED Tile Controller  
sw_logic_analyzer Logic analyzer implemented on an XCore  
sw_motor_control XMOS BLDC and PMSM Motor Control Platform docs
sw_pintest Application for testing pin connectivity  
sw_thread_comm_examples Inter thread communication examples  
sw_xc1_examples Simple Examples for the XC-1 Development Board  
sw_xc1a_examples Simple Examples for the XC-1A Development Board  
sw_xc2_examples Simple Examples for the XC-2 Development Board  
sw_xc5_examples XC-5 Examples  
sw_xdk_examples Examples for the XDK Development Kit  
sw_xk1_examples Simple Examples for the XK-1 Development Board  
sw_xk1a_examples Simple examples for the XK-1A development board  
sw_xscope_examples Examples using the xscope tracing library  

Hardware Repositories

Repository Description  
hw_l1_48_module L1-48TQFP 40-pin DIP package PCB  
hw_slicekit_system Specifications and use models for Open Source Modular Development Hardware for XMOS applications docs
proj_shift_registers Shift register board  
proj_xmp64 Project repository for the XMP 64 multiprocessor board  
proj_xtag2 XTAG2 hardware and software  

Documentation Repositories

Repository Description  
doc_articles General collection of xcore related articles  
doc_tips_and_tricks   docs

Development Tool Repositories

Repository Description  
tool_pyxsim A python wrapper for the XMOS simulator testbench  
tool_sire A language and runtime system for dynamic process creation on the XMOS XS1 architecture docs
tool_xcore_systemc Integration of XMOS devices into SystemC models  

Misc. Repositories

Repository Description  
ap_par_audio_dsp XMOS Parallel Audio DSP example  
xcommon Common application framework for XMOS software  
xcore_template A template for a xmos repository module  
xdoc Common infrastructure for code documentation