XCore Parallel Matrix Manipulation

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Stable release:0.1.0
Description:A library for doing matrix ops in parallel on XS1 hardware

Key Features

  • Straightforward matrix creation and re-dimensioning
  • Easy to use in XC or C
  • Row-major matrix layout
  • Congigurable level of parallelism

To Do

  • Ops on different size data types (e.g. matrix of chars, shorts, 64-bit)
  • Cell-wise ops such as addition and subtraction
  • Transformations, inversions and other common matrix ops

Firmware Overview

Use module_matrix in applications that require matrix operations and have some spare threads.

Known Issues

  • Early demonstration version, API may be unstable

Required Repositories

  • xcommon git@github.com:xcore/xcommon.git


Issues can be submitted via Github issue tracker. Even better, submit patches/pull requests.