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Latest release:2.1.0rc6
Description:Inline libraries for various simple uart implementations
Status:(module_uart): Design Ready
Status:(module_uart_fast): Example
Maintainer:Dan Wilkinson (github: djpwilk)

Key Features

Generic UART

module_uart_rx module_uart_tx

  • Inline library that assumes RX and TX in separate threads
  • Baud Rates up to 115.2K, any combination of bits per byte, parity, stop bits
  • configurable buffer sizes
  • An XSIM testbench and demo appliction for the XK-1A is included.

Simple/Fast UART

module_uart_fast_rx module_uart_fast_tx

  • Needs thread for transmission and another for reception
  • Fixed to 8 bits per byte, single start bit, no parity, single stop bit.
  • All of these parameters can be changed by editing the module.
  • The baud rate is parameterisable, but has to be a whole division of 100 MHz.
  • 10 MBaud is achievable in a 100 MIPS thread
  • Includes an XK-1A demo application

Known Issues



Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the manitainer for this line.

Required software (dependencies)

  • xcommon (if using development tools earlier than 11.11.0)