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Stable release:1.2 unreleased - based on SDRAM 1.1 of April 2010
Status:Initial updates to current tools, pending testing.
Maintainer:Russ Ferriday
Description:A Burst Mode access driver for the Micron Technology MT48LC16M16A2 Synchronous DRAM

Key Features

  • One thread reads/writes data to SDRAM
  • Optimised for burst access of blocks of 32 bit words (not for random access)
  • Application retains control of refresh by calling sdram_refresh at appropriate to prevent unexpected delays
  • 16-bit - Peak write: 50MB/s, read 50MB/s. Single word write (3 threads): 3120ns, read 3520ns.
  • 4-bit - Peak write: 12.5MB/s, read 12.5MB/s. Single word write (4 threads): approx 2.5us, approx 3us.
  • Code size: 2KB
  • Thread count: 1

To Do

  • Test on representative hardware.
  • Document test procedure and check schematics
  • Resolve two warnings related to buffered port
  • Improve documentation for integrators

Firmware Overview

  • module_sdram_burst: the burst mode driver
  • app_sdram_burst_example: contains a c client and an xc test harness

Known Issues

  • Two warnings produced in XDE 11.2 related to buffered port
  • Untested since moving to XDE 11.2

Required Repositories

  • xcommon git@github.com:xcore/xcommon.git


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted are at the discretion of the maintainer of this component.