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Latest release:2.0.0rc0
Description:SDRAM driver software component

Key Features

  • One thread reads/writes data to SDRAM
  • Optimised for burst access of blocks of 32 bit words (not for random access) with 12.5 MHz sdram clock.
  • Application retains control of refresh by calling sdram_refresh at appropriate to prevent unexpected delays
  • 16-bit - Peak write: 25MB/s, read 25MB/s.
  • Code size: 2KB
  • Thread count: 1

To Do

  • Add build options for 8 and 4 bit data bus width
  • Improve clock speed to 25 MHz
  • Rework sdram burst write and read code to used fully timestamped IO and deprecate the p_sdram_gate mechanism

Firmware Overview

  • module_sdram_burst: the burst mode driver
  • app_sdram_burst_example: contains a c client and an xc test harness


Full documentation can be found at: http://xcore.github.com/sc_sdram_burst/

Known Issues

  • Two warnings produced in XDE 11.2 related to buffered port for DQ which has its direction reversed. This warning can be ignored.


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted are at the discretion of the maintainer of this component.

Required software (dependencies)

  • xcommon (if using development tools earlier than 11.11.0)