Advanced Motor Control

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Stable release:2.0
Status:Design Ready

Firmware and documentation to go with the XMOS XK-MC-LVM2 and XP-MC-CTRL-L2 Motor Control Development Kits.

Key Features

  • Dual Axis Field Oriented Control (Speed Control) of PMSM Motors
  • Dual Axis Trapezoidal Commutation (Speed Control) of BLDC Motors
  • Up to 142kHz inner loop performance
  • Complementary PWM up to 48 KHz at 11-bit complementary PWM resolution
  • CAN or Ethernet interface with LabView GUI, or use push-button control
  • Component based approach to motor drive and communications interfaces

Firmware Overview

The software is split into modules and applicatons, as describes below:

Type Name Description
Application app_dsc_demo Fully functional dual axis FOC speed control of two LDO PMSM motors
Application app_control_board_demo Standalone control board demonstration example
Application app_basic_bldc Simple dual axis motor BLDC trapezoidal commutation example
Application app_power_board_test Manufacturing test sw for power board
Application app_control_board_test Manufacturing test sw for power board
Host Software gui LabView gui for ethernet or CAN control of dev board from PC
Component module_dsc_adc Interfaces to various external ADCs for current sampling
Component module_dsc_blocks Inner loop transforms (e.g. park, clarke, PI)
Component module_dsc_comms Code to bridge the ethernet/CAN into the main code loop
Component module_dsc_display Module for operating the LCD and buttons
Component module_dsc_hall Interface to Hall sensors (only used for BLDC commutation)
Component module_dsc_qei A quadrature encoder interface

Required Modules

In addition, the code imports and uses the following components from the xcore github repos:

Type Name Description
Component git:// Ethernet MII module
Component git:// TCP/IP stack
Component git:// CAN phy/mac module
Component git:// PWM module
Component git:// Common makefile and build tools

Known Issues


Getting Started and Installation

If you have purchased one of the XMOS motor control kits (available from digikey), the doc directory contains a quickstart guide to get your board up and running quickly. The doc directory also contains a user guide for the motor control application firmware and components.


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the manitainer for this line.