XMOS Parallel Audio DSP example

Stable release:0.6.0 versioning)
Description:Configurable Application example for parallel DSP processing of several audio channels

Key Features

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  • Up to 6 channels in, 8 channels out IN 1/2 : processed by eq_wrapper (see below), OUT 1/2 IN 2/3 : processed by crossover thread (see below), OUT 2/3 (below 500Hz), OUT 4/5 (above 500Hz) Note: OUT 6/7 are the same as OUT 4/5 on the HW. Note: delays is a thread that can be plugged instead of crossover or eq_wrapper
  • Audio DSP using concurrent threads. 2 Threads processing 4 channels each in this example.
  • Two configurations of Biquad filter (derived from https://github.com/xcore/sc_dsp_filters) biquad_cascade_eq.xc : Cascade of 5 Biquads used for the 5-band equaliser biquad_crossover.xc. Single Biquad configured as either highshelf or lowshelf filter
  • Audio samples are communicated to a configurable set of DSP threads using streaming channels
  • Delay buffer example (see delay_bufs and shared_mem_dsp.c)
  • Configurability. See User Guide Section
  • Wealth of Debug Features (See Debug section)

To Do

  • <Bullet pointed list of missing features>

Firmware Overview

  • HW Platform: XR-USB-AUDIO-2.0-MC

  • DSP Threads

    • eq_wrapper : 5-Band Equaliser processing 2 channels using peak EQ filters. Receives control commands to change EQ settings. Can send level metering data
    • crossover : Using highshelf filter to suppress frequs above 500Hz, lowshelf filter to suppress freqs below 500Hz Note: crossover_proc produces 2 output channels (low and high freqs) from 1 input channel
    • delays : Using a delay buffer, delays audio of left channel by 5000 samples (0.1 seconds at 48kHz)
    • eq_client : Periodically Changes Equaliser setup on the fly by switching between different Equaliser Presets.
  • Other Threads

    • iis

    I2S interface to codec. up to 6 channels in, 8 channels out See Audio Data Flow

    • mswait : wait a number of milliseconds
    • clkgen : generates PLL input clock
  • Audio Data Flow (per channel)

    • iis thread

    ouputs samples of NUM_IN stereo channels over NUM_IN streaming channels inputs samples of NUM_OUT stereo channels over NUM_IN streaming channels

    • DSP threads

    input samples over streaming channel(s) process the stream on a per-sample basis output samples over streaming channel(s).

  • Input-Output latency: <= one sample period

  • Coefficient Generation

Debug Support

  • XScope Probes for Equaliser input and output (Oscilloscope view of sample streams from HW in realtime)
  • Ability to override ADC audio input with custom reference signals.
  • Option to run on simulator (for development/debug without HW)
  • Audio Loopback (to test iis interface)
  • XTA timing checks

The checks are run at compile time (see timing_checks.xta script) To analyse the routes it in the GUI, Click “Timing->Time” and then run the .xta script The script is automatically run at compile time, does the xta check and prints a summary:

User Guide

  • DSP threads can be plugged in to process selected channels on core0 as shown in main()

  • Configuration Options

    • Number of input and output channels (NUM_IN, NUM_OUT)
    • Set of DSP threads (see main())
    • EQ Bands (EQ_BANKS)
    • Optimised assembly Biquad (ASM_BIQUAD_EQ)
    • Debug Switches (see Debug Switches in defines.h).

    Note: To use XScope XDE 11.2 tools are required. Add xscope library to compile. Note: Make sure NUM_IN and NUM_OUT matches the set of DSP threads connected to the streaming channels

  • Tool aspects - Device options (Simulator or Hardware) can be selected in “Run Configurations” and “Debug Configurations” - For more information see Tools User Guide.

Known Issues

  • Level metering output from Equaliser not activated
  • Limited testing of configuration space. E.g. only at 48kHz
  • biquadAsmXover not operational. Must be changed to take coefficient object as argument
  • Unexpected data type errors from XScope

Required Repositories

  • xcommon git@github.com:xcore/xcommon.git


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the maintainer for this line.