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Stable release:unreleased
Status:Feature complete
Maintainer:https://github.com/mattfyles, https://github.com/xmos-corin
Description:XTAG2 software

Key Features

  • XTAG2 hardware design
  • XTAG2 bootloader
  • XTAG2 firmware for gdb

To Do

  • Test
  • Sort otp.h out - it should not be in this repo
  • Port burn_serial_number to other platforms (Linux, Windows)
  • Provide source code for binary in burn_serial_number

Firmware Overview

This repo contains the hardware design of the XTAG2 and the applications that run on it: the boot loader, the debugger, and a program to burn the serial number.

app_l1_usb_boot_loader is stored in the OTP of an XTAG2 (or in flash if flash is present). If stored in OTP it has to fit in 8K - this can be a squeeze depending on the version of the XUD library. When executing this program will enumerate and wait for firmware to be downloaded to the XTAG2.

app_l1_jtag is the default firmware for an XTAG2, and it implements a program that interfaces GDB to a system over JTAG. After compilation it is bundled with GDB and GDB will load it into any uninitialised XTAG2, and then query all connected XTAG2s for the elements on their JTAG scan chains.

app_l1_otp_programmer is a small program that can be downloaded onto the XTAG2 instead of app_l1_jtag, and it will program a serial number into the XTAG2. Be careful, unless the program is changed the number will be all Xs.

Known Issues

  • none

Required Repositories

  • xcommon git@github.com:xcore/xcommon.git
  • sc_jtag git@github.com:xcore/sc_jtag.git
  • sc_usb git@github.com:xcore/sc_usb.git
  • xmos_libusb_binaries git://github.com/mattfyles/xmos_libusb_binaries.git

The directory structure should be:




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