Multi-UART Component

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Description:Multiple UART to Ethernet (TELNET) bridge, plus web server controller

Key Features

  • Support for 8 channels of UART RX & TX on 8 bit ports
  • Reconfigurable at runtime
  • Supports upto 115200bps in both directions
  • Support for a variety of data lengths, parity configurations and stop bit configurations

To Do

  • Support for inverted signals

Firmware Overview

There are two apps within this module.

  • app_multi_uart_demo - This is a self contained test application for test and verification of the multi-uart component
  • app_serial_to_ethernet_demo - This is a demonstration application that integrates the multi-uart component with the ethernet and TCP components and provides and ethernet to UART solution over HTTP and Telnet

The primary module is module_multi_uart. This contains the multi-uart module and provides both receive and transmit functionality along with an API for using them.

Known Issues

  • None

Required software (dependencies)

  • sc_xtcp
  • xcommon (if using develpoment tools earlier than 11.11.0)
  • sc_ethernet


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