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Description:XMOS + Kodak image sensor description with sensor driver, sensor control and basic image processing.
Status:Initial prototype.

Key Features

  • Schematics and port map for XMOS + Kodak KAC-401 dev board
  • Kodak KAC-401 driver interface via I2C
  • Two examples of sensor control and image capture:
    • GrabFrame128x128HVSub grabs a single 128x128 sensor centered image with horizontal and vertical 2x2 sub-sampling (pixel binning)
    • Grab64x40BlocksSUB grabs a grid of 64x40 pixels regions of interest (ROIs), with sub-sampling, that covers 640x480 pixels of the sensor surface.
  • Basic piece-wise image processing

Firmware Overview

  • A driver interface for the KAC-401 image sensor
  • Access to most of the sensor registers (with a debug capability)
  • Sensor pin to XMOS port mappings

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