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Stable release:
Status:Feature complete
Description:Controller Area Network component including RX/TX and LLC (Link Layer Controller)

Key Features

  • two threads for each of the node one for LLC & other for PHY layer.
  • Baud Rates up to 500kbps (1Mbps alpha included)
  • Support for extended identifier(29-bit) for PHY layer
  • Support for dynamic bit rate control

Firmware Overview

RX and TX are executed as functions which each run in PHY layer which in turn passes messages to & from LLC layer.

A demo appliction is included.


The 1Mbps version will not run within the timing constraints.

Required Modules


Intructions for Building Project

The CAN component is built using (XDE) Version: 10.4.2 (build 1752) or later.

This module can be demonstrated on XC-1 board with two CAN transceiver chips connected via ports 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D. Also this board should be connected through a CAN USB dongle to a PC

There are the settings required for hyperterminal setup for use with the demo app:

ASCII set up :

+untick the following options :

  • send line ends with line feeds
  • force incoming data to 7 bit ascii

+tick following options :

  • echo typed characters locally
  • append line feeds to incoming line ends
  • wrap lines that exceed terminal widths

Port settings :

bits per second : 115200 parity : none data bits : 8 stop bits : 1 flow control : none

This will display the CAN packet on the console window, which are monitored by the CAN dongle. On successful CAN communication by LLC & PHY layer from one node to another node , glow 4 LEDs green on the board , else 4 LEDs red.


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the maintainer for this line.