XK-XMP-64 example software

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Stable release:unreleased
Status:feature complete
Description:Collection of example programs and basic documents on the XMP-64

Key Features

  • Program that shows an ethernet bridge
  • Program that tests all links
  • Program that test all leds
  • Document that analyses network performance

To Do


Repo Overview

This repo contains a set of test programs for the XMP-64, and some programs that demonstrate its functionality. It also contains some documentation on the XMP-64.

  • app_ethernetExample: executing this program will bridge the two ethernet ports
  • app_multipleLeds: switches all leds on and off
  • app_linkTest: tests all the links. Leds should in turn switch on and off
  • app_singleLed: simplest example.

Known Issues

  • The XK-XMP-64.xn file is tool-version specific.

Required Repositories

  • sc_ethernet
  • xcommon


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