Slicekit Standard for Modular XMOS Development Platform

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XMOS is committed to collaborative, community development but not just in the software domain. We believe open source firmware development is ideally backed up by open and interoperable hardware development platforms. To this end, we would like to establish exactly such an open, low cost and modular hardware development system capable of supporting a wide range of projects and target applications. Not only that, but XMOS would also like to use the very same platform for the majority of our own development work on new software components, demos and perhaps even some reference designs.

Platform Overview

The basic proposal is for an XS1-L2 based, 4-layer “core” board with multiple application specific daughter boards (we are calling these ‘slicecards’) that attach to the side of the core board.

The intention is that the slice boards should generally be realizable as simple 2-layer, hand assembled affairs, though of course there is no reason to preclude more complex designs. In most cases power can be provided to the daughter board from the core board. The core board is 4-layer, but users would be able purchase these from digikey for a very reasonable price.


  • An introductory overview of the system can be found at
  • A more detailed HW specification (slightly out of date) is in the hw_specifications directory
  • Schematics for the Coare Board can be found in schematics/core_board directory


XMOS is close to finishing the design of a prototype core board, a 10/100 ethernet slice and an 8-way multi-uart slice. Additional slicecards will follow closely behind.