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Stable release:unreleased
Status:Feature complete
Maintainer:Corin (github: xmos-corin)

Key Features

  • Example project that shows how to interface to a RAMTRON FM25V10 (1Mbit) or FM25H20 (2Mbit) SPI F-RAM Memory. These have the advantages of:

    • Low power than FLASH.
    • Faster write performance (there are no write delays).
    • Much larger umber of write cycles (at least 100 trillion).
  • Uses a light weight SPI interface.

  • Provides a low level interface, so the client manages the data directly on the F-RAM.

Firmware Overview

You can read and write to it using xflash/flashlib and a suitalbe SPI-spec file, but this is a lightweight interface for fast access to it. The XCore can boot from it as if it was a normal FLASH.

The example project shows how to (by commenting in/out the appropriate options in main()):

  • test the memory by writing data (0x00, 0x55, 0xFF) and verifying the contents of the F-RAM.
  • read the contents of the F-RAM and printing it to the terminal.
  • write a binary file to the F-RAM (e.g. the XK-1 FLASH firmware in example/xk-1.bin).

Known Issues

None, although the interface to the F-RAM could be sped up, by using clock blocks and buffered ports.

Required Modules



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