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Stable release:unreleased
Description:DCT, FFT, and other transforms

Key Features

DCT Functionality:

  • Basic quantising DCT for JPEG compression
  • Basic Huffman encoder for JPEG encoder
  • Access functions to compress a series of blocks.
  • Example app to compress a PBM file into a JPEG file (PBM because that uses little memory to store).

FFT Functionality:

  • Forward complex FFT
  • Inverse complex FFT
  • Forward real FFT
  • Inverse real FFT
  • Example app that performs forwards and inverse FFT in sequence

To Do

  • Interface DCT with a camera.

Firmware Overview

The purpose of this repo is to collect a series of algorithms to perform transforms on data, such as FFT, DCT, etc.

There are three modules in the repo:

  • module_dct_jpeg: forward quantising DCT. The process requires patches of 8x8 integer values, and in situ replace this with 8x8 transformed and quantised patches.
  • module_huffman_jpeg: Huffman encode for JPEG images (this may have to go in a different repo). The process requires patches of 8x8 integer values, and streams bits out over a (streaming) channel.
  • module_fft_simple: complex FFT (size must be a power of 2), and real FFT (two arrays of identical length that must both be a power of 2).

Known Issues

  • This repo contains, for testing purposes, code from the JPEG library. This is not covered by LICENSE.TXT but has its own original LICENSE in an accompanying README file.

Required Repositories

  • xcommon


None at present