Capacitive Sensing

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Status:Proof of concept
Description:Use an XCore timer/port to implement capacitive sensing.

This repository has functions for capacitive sensing, and for interpreting capacitive sensing data. At present they are all in a single module, with an example app.

Pictures of the board are in the docs directory. A video is on

Key Features

  • measurement of raw data
  • smoothing of data, automatic background level detection
  • recognition of motion on a slider

To Do

  • Testing on different designs
  • Design of a matrix of buttons
  • Add gerber files

Firmware Overview

  • module_capacitive_sensing: module that implements capacitive sensing functions
  • app_example_capsens: Example application for an XK-1 that requires cap sense hardware to be attached to the northern connector (not the one next to the power supply)

Hardware schematics and other documentation to be added soon.

Known Issues


Required Repositories

  • xcommon


Issues may be submitted via the Issues tab in this github repo. Response to any issues submitted as at the discretion of the maintainer for this line.