Class D Amplifier

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Key Features

  • Stereo Open Loop ClassD amplifier
  • PWM outputs at 8x sample frequency
  • Supports 48.0, 44.1 and 32kHz sample frequencies

To Do

  • No outstanding missing features

Firmware Overview

The example application produces samples for a 1kHz sine wave on both channels at 48kHz. The samples are interpolated upto 384kHz via 96kHz. They are then output in PWM on two 1 bit ports per channel. Two 1 bit ports are required per channel to introduce deadtime to avoid shoot-through current.

This code has been release to github from’s example application code. There are two documents support this code: “Class D Audio Power Amplifier” (Class-D-Audio-Power-Amplifier.pdf) and “Class D Audio Power Amplifier - iPod Dock” (Class-D-Audio-Power-Amplifier—iPod-Dock.pdf). These have been copied to this repository for reference.

Known Issues

  • None

Required Repositories

  • xcommon


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