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Hardware development platformsΒΆ

For initial development of AVB applications the following XMOS development platforms are recommended for any low channel count application (using the XS1-L2 device):

In addition the following kit can be used for development:

To develop with this kit is is recommended to also use the following add on board:

Finally, the following board can also be used:

This board has no audio hardware built in; a CODEC and frequency generator must be added to the board.

It is recommended to have at least two boards for developing streaming audio applications.

For developing an application specific board for AVB please refer to the hardware guides for the above boards which contain example schematics, BOMs, design guidelines etc.

It is also recommended that an AVB compatible network switch be obtained and used while developing the system. While the XMOS AVB solution can use a non-AVB switch, some of the features will need to be disabled.