XCore open source community documentation

Welcome to the Xcore open source project wiki. This project is envisaged to consist of a diverse range of software, hardware and tools which are targeted at XMOS technology. We hope you’ll find some great ideas here, and perhaps add some of your own.

This wiki is still at the proposal stage, so if you want to suggest changes, please contribute to the Xcore open source project user forum.

If you are new to this project, you might want to take a look at these pages:

  • About the Community explains what the community is about, XMOS’ position within it, and the community roles and responsibilities.
  • About the Repositories explains the types of repositories, their structure, the way in which they are managed, versioning policy and the status of the current content.
  • Participating in the Community explains how to contribute to the documentation, issue tracking and codebase and the roles that exist within the community.
  • About XMOS Technology provides some links to technical documentation you may want to read and describes XMOS’ role and intentions for the community.
  • Planned Developments outlines some of the capabilities and services XMOS and the community plan to contribute to the Xcore open source project in the future.

Enjoy yourselves and remember, this is an open source community site - if you see something that could be improved, or is plain old broken, please consider fixing it yourself before raising an issue.


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